About us

The Melles Classical Music Foundation (MCMF) was initiated after Martin Haunhorst (concert master at the Bergische Symphoniker in Remscheid) and Gerrit Melles (ophthalmologist and amateur composer) met each other in 2010. Their mutual interest in classical music initially led to several projects, for which the music was written by Gerrit Melles and the performances were directed by Martin Haunhorst.

Having started with two string quartets in 2010, the ensemble slowly grew into a small chambre orchestra of 15 members, and now has reached the size of an orchestra with about 50 members.

The aim of the MCMF orchestra is to continue organizing performances of self composed symphonical music, two or three times a year. Most scores are written for a soloist on a given instrument accompanied by the MCMF orchestra. For the solo parts, preferably young, starting musicians (< 21 years of age) are invited, to enable them to get public exposure and to gain experience in playing with an orchestra.

We feel privileged to acknowledge all people who supported the MCMF intiative in the past years, and to thank all of them for their time and energy.

Martin Haunhorst and Gerrit Melles


Gerrit Melles, Chairman
Peter van der Hof, Treasurer
Hans Frank, Board member


Martin Haunhorst, Chairman


Emma van der Kaaij



Since 2019, there is also a Melles Classical Music Foundation in the USA: MCMF-USA.


Gerrit Melles, President
Peter van der Hof, Treasurer
Jack Parker, Secretary

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