MCMF Concert 2024

September 29th

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MCMF concert 2024 – SEPTEMBER 29th 2024

In 2024 we will organize the concert again. It is now possible to order tickets for the concert by clicking on the button below.

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For video recordings of past events, see agenda or recordings.

Melles Classical Music Foundation (MCMF) was founded after Martin Haunhorst (concert master at the Bergische Symphoniker in Remscheid) and Gerrit Melles (ophthalmologist with a long-time interest in composing) met each other in 2010. Their mutual interest in classical music led to several projects, for which the music was written by Gerrit Melles and the performances were directed by Martin Haunhorst.

The aim of the MCMF foundation is to organize performances of self composed symphonical music and to provide a platform for young, starting musicians to be a soloist which will enable them to get public exposure and to gain experience in playing with an orchestra. Most scores are written for a soloist on a given instrument accompanied by the MCMF orchestra.

We thank our sponsors and everyone who has supported the MCMF initiative in the past for their involvement and support in organizing these concerts.